Friday, April 1, 2016

MaidenClothing Review (no Shopping Service)

♥ Overview

Another review for MaidenClothing. This was a late Valentine's present from my boyfriend.

♥ Order

Angelic Pretty Princess Tiara JSK

Angelic Pretty Eternal Party Barette

Angelic Pretty Elegant Tulle Ribbon Barette

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Sophie Strap

♥ Process

MaidenClothing provides a chart for those outside of Japan to fill out and
E-mail that shows link, price, and quantity
Order form looks like this:

♥ Shipping

Package was received within one week. Items were shipped Monday and received Saturday.

♥ Package

Package arrived in an paper bag with all contents shoved inside a single plastic wrap.

♥ Details

Just a few additional photos I took- details for Princess Tiara

 ♥ Conclusion

I don't have much to write; I've made a review for MaidenClothing before that's more detailed.
They ship fast, have decent prices, and I would never hesitate to order anything I wanted from them.

And of course, I love my boyfriend

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