Sunday, May 1, 2016

DreamV Yumetenbo Rosy Hime Shoes Review

♥ Overview

This is a review for dreamv(夢展望 YUMETENBO). Their online store (Rakuten) can be ordered from overseas without requiring the use of a shopping service. DreamV's items can be broken down into several different mini-brands (not sure what else to call them!) - my particular favorite being Dear My Love or Deary, which is more cute and himekaji than their other brands. These particular pair of shoes can no longer be ordered from their website.

♥ Order

My foot measures 24.0cm so I ordered a 24.0cm and it ended up being too large. Disappointment!!

♥ Shipping

As you can see, they were shipped on Monday and got to me by the following Thursday.

♥ Packaging

It came in a box with a sheet of paper I can't read. No bubble wrap or any other type of packaging.

♥ Shoes

The color was much paler than the stock photos, and the roses were very much fraying. The soles also had absolutely no traction besides the tiny heel!

♥ Conclusion

I was disappointed by the color. I am very particular about my pinks. Nothing is worse than having a mis-match of pinks in your wardrobe. I have departed many garments over this. Sometimes they are too lavender, sometimes they are too peach, sometimes they are too pale or too dark... But in this case, the color was much more of a salmon-peach color rather than a nice baby pink... I was hoping it would go well with my AP dresses but nope, not anymore!

Shoe sizing is always confusing to me as I know what fits well and when we go into the cm/mm talk, it's a gamble. I usually wear a size 7 US and in China this translates to a 38 or 39. I can measure my foot correctly and it is exactly 24.0cm. However, with Angelic Pretty & Secret Shop, I need a 24.5 and with Bodyline I need a 23.5... It's a gamble! And this time, having ordered what I thought would be the proper size (24.0cm), these shoes are much too big.

Another thing worth mentioning (as I left out a 'payment' section) - DreamV does not accept Paypal!

The pricing of their shoes (these were 4,000 ¥ + shipping) I do not feel was worth it. Overtime I notice that DreamV drops the price of their items after some have been sold out. When new shoes are introduced, they usually start the pricing high (at least 4,000 ‎ ¥) and then as more are sold, they drop their prices. Hence why you see shoes for as cheap as 1,000 ¥ but only have one size or color option available.

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