Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wunderwelt Rakuten Guide & Order Review

♥ Overview
Wunderwelt is a Japanese shop that sells second-hand clothing. They have their own website (Link here) as well as a Rakuten shop (Link here). I used their English Rakuten shop (Link here) so I could order from them directly without the use of a shopping service.

I ordered Angelic Pretty's Candy Fairy dress and Angelic Pretty's Pearl Ribbon Mille-feuille headbow, both in pink.

♥ Ordering Process
Since their English Rakuten shop is all in English, ordering was really straight-forward. I originally viewed everything on their site, and then looked up the items I was interested in on their Rakuten shop.

After adding your items to your cart (screenshot)...
Step 1 - Login or Guest Checkout (full screenshot):
Step 2 - Shipping Information (full screenshot):
Step 3 - Payment Details (full screenshot):
Step 4 - Review Order (full screenshot):
Step 5 - You're Done (full screenshot):

♥ Emails & Timeline
Here is the list of Emails:
While I never had to directly contact Wunderwelt, I did have to reply to one of Rakuten's automatic order confirmation Email's with 'ORDER AUTHORIZED', giving them consent to request payment from me. There were quite a few automatic Emails being sent. I actually misread the payment one where there was a URL in there to go to their payment page. I was expecting a Paypal invoice, so I was a few days late. There is a 5 day leeway, so if you don't pay within 5 days, they will cancel your order.

The first Email was sent immediately after I had placed my order on Rakuten.
The second Email was Wunderwelt asking me to confirm this order by replying 'ORDER AUTHORIZED.'
The third Email contained the payment URL and had my order summary.
The fourth Email was Wunderwelt reminding me about Paypal, which is when I saw that the last Email had the URL.
The fifth Email was from Paypal as an order confirmation.
The sixth Email was my order confirmation from Wunderwelt.
And finally, the seventh Email contained my tracking information!

♥ Shipping & Tracking
From the day they shipped (June 10th), it only took 3 days to arrive to me (June 13th)!

♥ Package
On the address/custom form, they did not mark down the value.

The dress and headbow were in excellent condition!

♥ Summary
Communication: Because I didn't exactly engage in any direct communication, I feel that it's unfair to grade them here. I really appreciated them Emailing me directly about the payment URL. I had no idea that they had sent me a payment URL prior as I was expecting them to invoice me through Paypal. 5/5

Cost: I paid roughly $20 USD (¥2,490) for the headbow and $100 USD (¥12,990) for the dress. I'm happy with the price I paid especially because I've been seeking out more pink Angelic Pretty headbows. As for the dress, nothing is wrong with it and there's no missing parts (i.e. waist ties or neck ties), so I'm very happy with it. 5/5

Shipping: EMS shipping from Japan has always taken around 3 days, so it was as expected. I paid roughly $25 USD (¥2,800) for shipping costs. If they had a cheaper/slower method of shipping, I would definitely choose that over EMS as I never need to receive my packages so quickly. 5/5

Packaging: They wrapped my dress in plastic wrap followed by bubble wrap. Light packaging, but it's the same way I package things when I ship. No complaints! I'm happy they also gave me a sticker of their shop, because I collect pretty stickers. 5/5

Quality: When buying used clothes, it's expected that their could be some flaws or stains on it. Unlike MaidenClothing, Wunderwelt doesn't highlight these flaws with photos. I wasn't disappointed, because the flaws are very unnoticeable. I'm also happy the dress wasn't as fuschia and the headbow wasn't as salmon/peach/orange as their photos projected them to be. 5/5

Overall, I definitely plan on making another order with Wunderwelt when I see something I want on there. Their prices are very reasonable -- I would even say cheap. Although in some of their former listings, their prices seemed a little bit too cheap, to the point where I would say they only did that to draw appeal when people are narrowing their price range while shopping on Rakuten... Regardless, I'm very happy with my order, what I paid, and how quick they were to ship my items out! I also appreciated how they have quality model photos showcasing their items. I have no complaints!

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