Friday, May 1, 2015

Closet Child Guide & Review

♥ Overview
This is a review of Closet Child, a Japanese fashion shopping website. This was my first time ordering from them. It all started when I came across this dress:

Additional Photos:

Here is the full screenshot of the original listing (Link here).
Unfortunately this dress set didn't come with the matching headpiece, but hopefully I will find it someday. In this post I will provide a brief guide/tutorial with screenshots of my ordering process as well as an overall review of ClosetChild (and of course, my dress!)

♥ Overseas Order
ClosetChild provides a guide filled with screenshots for overseas orders (Link here). Although the guide contains screenshots, it looks a little bit different than their current design since they have a different website layout. You can order from them by adding your item(s) to your cart and then either checking out with or without an account. I chose to check out without an account, because I didn't really care to make an account at the time I'm lazy. I included screenshots of my ordering process below.

Adding to cart:

Buying without an account (bottom right button):

Step 1 (Full screenshot) Shipping Address:

Step 2 (Full Screenshot) Shipping Information:

Step 3 (Full Screenshot) Payment Selection:

Step 4 (Full Screenshot) Order Summary:

Step 5 (Full Screenshot) Go to Paypal:


♥ Communication
While I didn't Email them directly, I did receive 3 consecutive Emails after ordering. Each Email included an order summary (that I didn't screenshot).

The first Email (dated April 25th) was an automatic order confirmation Email.

The second Email (dated April 26th) was an automatic payment received/order confirmed Email.

The third Email (dated April 27th) let me know they shipped and had a tracking number.

♥ Shipping
I had placed my order on Friday night (or midnight Saturday), April 24th/April 25th, 2015. From the date they shipped (April 27th, 2015), it took 3 days for the parcel to arrive to my doorstep (April 30th, 2015). Although they provided a website for tracking (, I always prefer just going to for a more detailed and updated tracking log.

♥ Package
Inside of the package also had a printed invoice (Link here)

♥ Summary
Communication: I don't feel like I could grade them on this as I didn't have any direct contact with them. I did appreciate the automatic emails which let me know that they received my order, my payment, and that they had finally shipped my parcel. All of this took place in 3 consecutive days, so the automatic emails were quick. 5/5

Cost: I paid 24,800yen for this dress set not including shipping. Given the current exchange rate with the yen being so low, I don't feel bad about what I paid. I generally consider anything around $200 USD to be 'average' pricing whereas anything around $100 USD to be extremely cheap (when it comes to dresses). 5/5

Shipping: I paid 1680yen total for the shipping. The actual postage (according to the label on my parcel) turned out to be 2040yen, however I didn't have to compensate them for that. As I made my order on a weekend day, they shipped on the next business day, and I received my parcel in 3 days. Very fast, as expected with EMS shipping. I just wish they offered cheaper methods, such as SAL or airmail -- but really, they ship internationally without the use of a shopping service so, what more could you ask for? 5/5

Packaging: The actual dress was shipped in a bubble mailer and wrapped neatly inside of plastic. Whenever I ship garments, I always wrap in plastic and then stuff it inside of a box or bubbled envelope. No issues with their packaging. 5/5

Quality: While Closet Child did have a picture with a red circle indicating a flaw, I did not notice any flaws with this dress. However, I don't tend to notice minor flaws like a tiny mark or a loose thread. The rating was 2/5 which they label as 'good.' They start their scaling with 1 being fair/acceptable rather than 1 being unwearable. The dress was wrinkled, but I think that's normal for a dress to be wrinkled after being shoved into an envelope or box for shipment. 5/5

Overall, I would definitely buy from Closet Child again the next time I see a dress I like. I'm really happy to be able to buy from them easily, and without a shopping service. Lastly, I appreciate that online purchases are updated as out of stock automatically, however they may not update their in-store stock on their website immediately after something is sold.


  1. Thank you so much for this! Closet Child had one of my dream dresses (Dreaming Macaroni OP), but I'd never purchased from them before, so I felt I needed a little guidance, and your post did the job! The screen caps are especially helpful. I can't wait to get my items in the mail now~

    Thanks again for sharing!

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  3. Hi,

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  4. Thank you~! Just ordered from them using this guide. Super nervous but excited :)