Saturday, August 1, 2015

Grand Bazaar Order Review (Rakuten)

♥ Overview
I'll be reviewing a purchase I made with Grand Bazaar through Rakuten (no shopping service required). Grand Bazaar has their original Japanese site (Link) as well as an English site (Link) for overseas orders. They sell all different kinds of Japanese clothing, so they don't have a lot of stock within their lolita department. Only 47 Angelic Pretty items.

♥ Order
The dress that caught my eye was Angelic Pretty's Proper Girl OP in pink (Link). I have the JSK in pink, but this is the OP we're talking about... It's almost a completely different dress. Here it was on Grand Bazaar's Japanese Rakuten site (Link). Notice the price is 8,900¥, marked down from the original 9,612¥ price. However, on Grand Bazaar's English Rakuten, the price is still the original 9,612¥ (Link). There's not that much of a different after converting ($71 USD vs. $77 USD).

Anyways, I began my order by Adding to Cart.
Step 1 (Screenshot): Sign-in or Guest Checkout. I didn't want to make an account so Guest Checkout it was.
Step 2 (Screenshot): Enter shipping info; EMS is the only shipping option
Step 3 (Screenshot): Enter payment information & contact information
Step 4 (Screenshot): Order review, make sure everything is correct! Place your order.
"Thank you for your order!" (...)

♥ Timeline
The Emails began right after I placed my order.
Email #1 (Link) Order Confirmation
Email #2 (Link) Payment Notification
Email #3 (Link) Paypal Receipt
Email #4 (Link) Shipping/Tracking
Email #5 (Link) Order Information

Very straight-forward. The payment URL had 4 steps total

Step 1 (Link): Order Confirmation > Proceed to Checkout
Step 2 brought me to Paypal. Total amount was 10,940¥/~$90 USD
Step 3 (Link): Complete your payment by clicking the red button...
Step 4 (Link): "Payment is complete. Thank you for shopping at Rakuten!"

♥ Shipping
Shipped on July 30th, 2015 and received just 3 days later.

♥ Package
Plain Japanese EMS envelope. They charged me the sale price of the dress (8,900¥).

No bubble wrap. Just my dress folded up in plastic wrap
And all laid out...!:

♥ Summary
Ordering from Grand Bazaar was really easy, since there wasn't a third party or middle man (shopping service) involved. It helps that they had an English storefront and were willing to ship overseas, as a lot of stores on Rakuten don't. Their prices for second-hand lolita is very cheap, but most of the items they carry are plain and not sought-out for (such as solids or tartan prints).

Communication: ?/5 Didn't have any direct communication
Cost: 5/5 Very cheap compared to other marketplaces
Shipping: 5/5 EMS Japan shipping is always super fast
Packaging: 3/5 No bubble wrap, just the dress folded in plastic
Quality: 5/5 Definitely got what I expected!

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